This project began with the creation of the Plankstaal furniture; A coffee table with a story. A project to bring the socially local created product in the hands of the people who care. For Plankstaal I developed a Product To Market Strategy. To make this product a great success I developed the Plankstaal website, Made the Product photos and made 3 product videos to spread the word about the social friendly coffee table.
At the website of Plankstaal, the coffee table and process is shown by big pictures of the workspace. I made product photos in a white studio to list the product on the web shop.
For the creation of the videos, I spend 2 days in the 50/50 Wood workspace and the Wij 3.0 workspace to film the production process of the Plankstaal coffee table.

The Teaser video shows the work process at high speed and is meant to make the audience curious to buy the Plankstaal table. The Maker video is mainly focused on the people who help to produce this table accompanied by the voice of Mira; the great mind behind this product. The introduction video explains the development of the table and how Mira realized her vision of a socially and locally produced table.