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Essential Travel Apps Every Traveler Needs

While traveling I’m relying on my smartphone now more than ever. Besides thinking about how to pack your suitcase, the apps you use while traveling needs the same amount of…
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Worth-It Cryptocurrency Projects To Try Right Now

The blockchain evolution has been great for the decentralization of power and people. Bitcoin is the most well known cryptocurrency which gave blockchain a chance. At this moment blockchain is…
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Every Day Meditation Apps To Be Mindful

While I have been reading about Silicon Valley and the tech world, I stumbled again and agin upon the same story; Many founders of big tech companies are meditating. Meditating…
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Ridwan Nasruddin Creates Connections

Ridwan Nasruddin opens up perspectives. During his studies he founded with friends a company creating videos, websites and branding for exciting businesses. Besides this this led to the the creation of great side projects like Bagels for Breakfast and R-Rated Memories. Along the way, Ridwan skilled up as a creative and strategic thinker.

Ridwan hosts GRAB A FEED,  a food and podcast show where Ridwan exchanges perspectives and learns from the people around him.