In The Hague houses the largest rooftop urban farm of Europe overlooking the city. Fresh fish are swimming on the 6th floor; crisp, green lettuces and juicy, shiny tomatoes are thriving in the rooftop greenhouse grown with the use of aquaponics.

After I asked if they needed help to expand their brand building I met with the guy who started this all; Roman Gaus. We discussed how to UrbanFarmers farm has to look and feel. After this conversation and a lot of notes I started to develop the ideas and made a mockup for the space where the employees lunch daily. I tried to start with a small idea and proposed to spray paint one of their main taglines on the wall. They liked it.

Wanna create yourself? Check it here: instructables.com/id/Creating-the-Real-Freshness-Spray-Paint-Stencil/