Fix Point

The Fix Point is a mobile repair point where volunteers (fixers) help to repair broken products that people from the neighbourhood bring along. Visitors watch along with the fixer so they can learn from the fixing. By organizing a Fix Point you can show people how easy it is to make your own things and we hope they further develop the knowledge they gained.

We decided to create a fix point after a lot of research into making and the Open Source way of working. We want to spread the word of open source to the offline world. Open Source is enabling people to further their own interests while contributing those interests back to a common good. In the open source principle, the freedom of building upon and expanding the knowledge of another person is the most important part which makes open source so valuable. Where we first saw capitalism and technology serve the people, this is now turned upside down in the way we live. We want to make the people conscious of this fact and let them give the power and maintain control on their own life and surroundings.