Project Breakdown

Four years ago, Ronald Nijboer was given the hatchback of his grandfather. Completed diaries, special photographs and awards from his time as a soldier in Nederlands-Indië, from 1946-1948. A small crash in the Dutch army, but witnessing a large and often underexposed history. Due to his grandpa’s diaries, Ronald stepped into an unknown world. A world of war and suffering, but also of comradeship and wonderful nature.

For the digitized and bundled diaries of his grandpa, Ronald asked me if I could design a book cover for this. For this I have used 2 pictures of his grandfather; 1 picture of before the war and 1 photo of after the war. This clearly shows what a war with his grandfather did by literally tearing up the pictures.


For the online presence of the book I created the website where you can read more background info about the book and blogs about the book: